Sacraments - Baptism for Infants & Children

The celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism is a most important time in the life of a child. It celebrates the child becoming a member of the Church - the Body of Christ.

Those parents requesting Baptism for their children must be registered and participating members of the parish for at least six months. Parents must attend a baptism preparation class for the first child to be baptized. This is arranged either before the birth of the child or before the baptism.

If there are two Godparents, they must be one male and one female. However, only one Godparent is necessary. It is also possible for a baptized non-Catholic to be a Christian witness at the baptism. A non-practicing Catholic cannot serve as a Christian witness. The Catholic Godparent must have a letter from his or her parish stating that they are practicing Catholics.

A practicing Catholic for Baptism must be baptized, confirmed, received Eucharist and if married, married by a Catholic priest. The role of the Godparent is to make the profession of faith for the child, and to help the parents in their duty as a Christian mother and father.

Please contact the parish office at 219-769-1755 for arrangements.