Liturgical Ministries - Music Ministry

Music and liturgy are integrated in ways that suit both the nature of liturgical rituals and the spiritual needs of our parish community. While our primary focus at Mass is on the Eucharist, the liturgical experience is enhanced by the sharing of vocal and musical talents with the community. Our objective is to lead the congregation to full conscious and active participation in liturgy.

Music is an integral part of every liturgical celebration. Participation in the Sacred Liturgy both expresses and strengthens the faith within us. Music Ministry members serve as organists, cantors, musicians and members of the Adult and Children’s Choirs.

Please contact music director Claudia Pienta at 219-670-5906 or, if you are interested in the Music Ministry or for additional information.

The program provides cantors to lead our congregation in sung worship. Cantors sing at weekend liturgies (4:30 pm Saturday, 8:30 and 11:00 am Sunday) and at other special liturgies during the year. If you love to sing, please share your talent by taking this opportunity and joining our cantor program. You will be trained, while learning numerous psalms, Mass settings and songs. Your music is supplied and practices are scheduled at your convenience. Previous musical training is helpful, but not required. High school students are welcomed!

Is a mixed choir combining vocalists of all ages. The OLC Choir enhances the sung worship at weekly 8:30 am Sunday morning Mass as well as midnight Mass during Christmas, Holy Week, Easter Sunday, and other special liturgies. OLC Choir repertoire includes: traditional and contemporary hymns, chants, and a variety of music settings and choral arrangements Practices are Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the church. If you can sing, please consider joining this choir. We always welcome new voices. We are looking to add flute and violin to the 8:30 Mass.

GLORY CHOIR (11:00 am Sunday Mass)
Is a mixed choir combining musicians and vocalists. The Glory Choir uses traditional and contemporary hymns, chants, and uses contemporary, gospel, and modern choral arrangements accompanied by organ, piano, flute, guitar, and violin to help promote full and active participation in our liturgy. The Glory Choir enhances the music for weekly 11:00 am Sunday morning Mass and at the 4:30 pm Christmas Eve liturgy. Practices are Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:30 pm in the church. This choir is in need of voices and instrumentalists.

Handbells are used to enhance our liturgical music during the year, provided there is enough interest. Six to eight ringers are needed. Each bell ringer is assigned a bell or bells. The bell ringer is responsible for playing only their particular notes that appear on the music. When all the ringers play, the sound is beautiful and completes the song. Anyone who can count can play handbells. You don’t need musical training, but it does help to read music. We are currently looking for ringers to play with the OLC Choir at 8:30 am Mass, with the Glory Choir at 11:00 am Mass, and at special liturgies.

HALLELUJAH CHOIR (Children’s Choir)
This is a choir for children, 1st (reading at 2nd grade level) through 6th grade students. The Hallelujah Choir will sing at the 4:30 Christmas Eve liturgy. Your child will be introduced to musical terms and proper vocal techniques, but more importantly, they will learn about their faith and the Mass. Rehearsals will be once-a-week for 45-minutes, from late October until Christmas. Rehearsals are primarily based upon family schedules and best time for attendance. If interested, please contact music director Claudia Pienta at 219-865-2127 or

The only requirement for this mixed group is availability on weekdays and Saturday mornings. This choir will serve our faith community by leading the sung prayer at funeral liturgies. The choir answers a special call to minister to others who are grieving over the loss of a loved one. If interested, please contact the parish office at 219-769-1755.